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ENERO 2022

Pisco – Yanapaccha – Chopicalqui

This is an exciting three climb challenge for strong clients who are well acclimatised to the altitude and who have some previous climbing experience, culminating in tackling 6354m Chopicalqui. All the peaks are conveniently accessed from the Demanda Valley, location of the famous twin lakes of LLanganuco. Previous experience of climbing on steep hard ice is highly recommended.

The peaks:

PISCO 5753m (18875ft)

Trip Information of pisco

Grade: PD – Moderate snow climbs – Physically hard

Length: 3 Days

Route:  W Ridge

Season: May – September

Pisco is a suitable climb for beginner climbers but is also a rewarding climb for experienced climbers and it is an ideal preparation peak for the demanding Chopicalqui climb, providing extra acclimatisation and strength. Most years, there is no technical climbing on Pisco but there can be short steep sections, some hard ice to negotiate or a crevasse to navigate around.

YANAPACCHA 5460m (17913ft)

Trip Information f Yanapaccha

Grade: AD- / some steep climbing

Length: 2 Days

Route:  W face

Season: May – September

Yanapaccha is located very close to popular Pisco but is much less known and less frequented by climbers than Pisco. It is a moderately difficult climb with some steep sections and a final slope of up to 65 deg. to the summit. Yanapaccha is a superb preparation peak for more technical & physically demanding climbing on Chopicalqui.

CHOPICALQUI 6354m (20847ft)

Trip Information of Chopicalqui

Grade: AD/ Difficult, long serious climbs.

Length: 4 Days

Route: SW Ridge

Season:  Mid may – September

Chopicalqui, at 6354m, is sometimes referred to as the “third peak of Huascarán”. It is a demanding peak to climb, with sections of steep & technical climbing, crevasses to negotiate around and route finding necessary. Previous experience of climbing on steep hard ice is highly recommended, and a high standard of fitness and strength is also necessary. Chopicalqui is NOT a suitable peak for beginner climbers.

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